Hosting friends and family has always been one of my favorite things to do. It’s part of the reason I landed on the journey I did. That’s why one of the best parts of creating my brand, T.Lish, has been the opportunity to see my ideas and recipes come to life.

Recently, I spent the day with my creative team, Mason + Dixon, doing just that. They helped me create a series of photos that represented a “day in my life” for an Instagram Takeover with Taste of the South magazine. We had a blast! I have to say, having that much help to pull it off made things a lot easier. 

In reality, I don’t have it all together. In fact, most our entertaining is done LAST minute.

I am not good at planning in advance, and my husband is not good with not having a plan. So it means he usually tells me last minute that friends are coming for dinner. It works for us, and is just how we roll! Our friends always love a last minute call because they know when they come they can relax, let me take care of them and have a great time without feeling stuffy. Meals are typically low key and not complicated. Check out my recipes! I promise not to give you recipes that will cause you agony and distress!

While entertaining has always come easy, I’ve often wondered why some don’t like to entertain. I've decided it’s because people put too much pressure on themselves to appear like the perfect host or hostess. I can’t lie that I am not busy running around fluffing cushions before my friends arrive, but the bottom line is they just want to have a great time.

Let’s be honest, your pillows and flowers looking perfect aren’t the reason they will want to come again. The reason they relish in the invite is you — the hostess!

So just relax and be yourself. The more uptight you are, the more uptight your guests will be — and that’s a fact. So remember, the next time you throw a party, take a deep breath and be present with your friends and family. That will go further than the food or the flowers.