Cooking becomes so much easier when you have the correct tools — it's a fact! These are some of my go-to kitchen gadgets and tools. They'll make your cooking experience so much easier, I promise! Happy Friday :) 

1. Classic 8-inch Cook's KnifeI know they are expensive, but totally worth the investment. No kitchen should be without. Oh, and have them professionally sharpened every year! If you can only get one, this one will do the job. 

2. Good Grip 9-inch Locking Tongs with Nylon HeadsTongs may seem less immediately essential, but being able to easily and precisely grip hot foods is a major plus. I love them for tossing and mixing any type of salad as well. This model locks for storage.

3. Classic Zester - Grater: My absolute fave! Use it for citrus, garlic, ginger and chocolate. 

4. Mix n' Measure Glass Measuring CupThe one measuring tool you need. 

5. Spoonula With Classic Wood HandleSpoonula — can’t have enough! for anything from cooking to baking, this little thing is a must-have.